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    FlashCash is The Digital Wallet

    The Problem

    TV Purchasing is Too Hard!

    If you are a vendor relying on 1-800 numbers and other antiquated sales funnels, you are missing an excellent opportunity to evolve past your competition and realize significantly more revenue.


    Get rid of the friction associated with call centers. If you want to capitalize on impulse buying decisions, you cannot go another day without offering FlashCash to your potential customers! Our attribution is more accurate than the rest of the TV and print industry. Send us a message to speak to our team today!

    Give It  a Try

    Scan the Code and See for Yourself

    Increasing smartphone camera quality combined with greater user adoption makes QR code purchasing a great option for direct response products sold on television or in print!


    FlashCash is unique because we will convert your customers by taking them directly to a payment page that allows them to check out with a single click! Merchants benefit from a robust data analytics dashboard that helps them understand exactly which ads are bringing customers to the point of sale.


    Point your phone to the QR code to the right to replicate what a user might see during the purchase process. This is a demo code, so no purchase will actually be executed when you test the process.

  • Step 1

    Scan The Code

    Step 2

    Choose the Details

    Step 3

    Confirm Payment

    Step 4

    Final Confirmation

  • Meet Our Team

    Smart. Proven. Dedicated. 

    Chuck Nadd - CEO

    Chuck conceptualized FlashCash during his time as a student at Harvard Business School, where he received his MBA. As a West Point graduate and 11-year US Army pilot, he is laser-focused on finding ways to make processes more efficient and convenient. After using QR codes to propose to his now-wife back in 2015, he is passionate about bridging the gap between the physical world and digital payments.

    Andrew Asher - COO & Chief Counsel

    With 15 years in complex litigation and arbitration practice as an attorney and the founder of Florida's first bourbon distillery, Andrew understands how to tackle unique problems and apply proven operations to safeguard your business while ensuring our teams give you a product to the highest standard of professionalism.

    Elias Nichols - VP of Engineering

    A Senior Engineer and Developer, Elias is understands financial technology at every level. He led development of RedQuarry and oversaw technical operations for the startup through its acquisition to NASDAQ, where he continued as a technical lead following the successful exit. His experience includes a hyper-focus on security.

    Alex Carpenter - Director of Operations

    Alex is a passionate operator who is focused on integrating the FlashCash platform into a wide array of business applications. He is a West Point graduate and 8-year Army pilot who creates powerful experiences for the companies that work with us.

    Dr. John L. Evans - VP of Business Development

    Dr. John Evans received his MBA from the University of Miami and doctorate in organizational behavioral finance from Pepperdine University. Before joining the FlashCash team, Dr. Evans led a consulting unit for a global investment firm for 13 years. He is passionate about bringing great solutions to companies of all sizes.

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